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These women are making big moves, whether it’s through blogging, content creation or entrepreneurial ventures. Buy Instagram Followers UK

They also honor their Hispanic heritage each day by sharing their stories with their children. Through their honest words and visions, of love and hardship, these women share their stories of motherhood and continue to deliver top-notch content.
My 3-year-old daughter must learn and love her Hispanic heritage. Spanish was my first language as a child of immigrants and a first generation American. My mom used to tell me stories in Spanish when I was a child.

Chady Dumore @chady

Talk about inspiration! Chady Dunmore is a great example of a mom who can motivate and inspire you, both mentally and physically. Dumore is a single Puerto Rican mother who has done it all and sets an example for her daughter.Dumore has survived everything, including single motherhood, kidney disease, and a 70-pound weight loss. Dumore is a well-known fitness and health expert. She mentors many women through her HealTHY Self Challenge eBook. Dumore is also the co-host of Single Daily.

Chelsi Lovos Eiselstein: @wolfgangchels_

Chelsi Lovos Icelstein is a mom who keeps it real. She has an Instagram that is as vibrant as her Southern California lifestyle. She is open to sharing her joys and struggles, and she encourages self-care. Her content is a lively mix of motherhood and travel as well as raising awareness about important social problems. She is also pursuing a Master’s degree in criminal justice administration. She advocates for domestic violence victims, mental health, and child sexual abuse survivors by sharing her story with the hope of inspiring others.

Perla Farias: @xicana_mama

Perla Farias, a mother to four children, believes that the revolution begins at home. She is passionate about Mother Earth and holistic healing. Her conscious living is inspiring and I enjoy reading her words, which often provide a much-needed positive affirmation to help me get through each day. Farias is proud of her community and takes pride in portrait photography, blogging and videography. She strives to live a full-hearted life

Ana Flores: @laflowers

If you are a Latina blogger/creator reading this, then you probably smile right now. Ana Flores has become a household name in Latina creatives. Her We All Grow Latina group, which supports Latina entrepreneurs and creatives through mentorship, brand collaborations and events, is well-known. Flores, a 15-year veteran blogger and content creator, is an OG blogger. Her example is a shining example of how far content creation can take you. It’s refreshing to see her family in her Instagram photos. She is a mother to a 13 year-old daughter and an admirable powerhouse.

Janet Gomez: @jans_spring

Janet Gomez has been my Instagram friend since 2017 when I joined. I love her personality and the content she posts. Her posts are colorful and stylish and cover fashion and home decor as well as travel. She is a loving mom to two sweet daughters. Since 2004, she has been blogging. She co-founded Las Mamacitas, an online community that organizes workshops and events to empower women. Jan’s Spring Design is her new product styling business.

Kisha Gulley: @panamakish

This mom of two is a serious fashionista! It’s not surprising that she does modeling. Kisha Gulley’s Instagram is a great source of fashion inspiration. However, I also enjoy her honest posts. Gulley’s squares are a wonderful and honest way to talk about equality and advocate for Autism (her oldest son was recently diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder). Her blog, The Kisha Project, is full of high-quality content. It includes her struggles with general anxiety disorder and postpartum depression.

Darlene Lebron: @suitsheelscurves

Darlene Lebron’s Instagram posts are fashion-forward and I love them, but I also love the conversations that she starts around them. While she effortlessly delivers chic content, she also creates safe conversations around self-acceptance and self-love. This jefa is a mother to two children in a blended family. She keeps busy with her blog Suits, Heels and Curves as well as her virtual consignment shop, The Blogger House Curvy Closet (aka “the plus-size HSN”) We can confidently say that Lebron is a serious talent, having a MBA in executive management.

Jacqueline Hernandez Lewis: @momentsofmusing

Lewis recently switched from being an attorney to working as a communications professional at home to be closer to her children. She now works for CONNECT, which is a non-profit that promotes gender justice and prevents domestic and interpersonal violence. Lewis manages to find the time to write thoughtful and engaging content somewhere in the midst of the busy mom life and work from home. She blogs and freelances on important topics related to motherhood and activism, in an effort empower all mothers, particularly BIPOC moms, who are not always given the same support and visibility.

Bricia Lopez: @bricialopez

Bricia Lopez’s Instagram feed is a great place to start your day. Lopez’s Instagram feed will have you craving all of her family recipes, including cookies, cocktails, as well as Oaxacan food. Lopez is a mother to two adorable children and the content creator and entrepreneur we all dream of becoming. Guelaguetza, a James Beard-award-winning restaurant, is owned by her. She is also the author of Oaxaca, Home Cooking From the Heart of Mexico. She is also co-founder of Super Mamas Podcast. As if that weren’t enough, she is very active on her Instagram and Mole & More.

Lucy Neuhaus:

Lucy Neuhaus’s Instagram is a shining example of Southern California living. It is bright, sunny and full of charm. Neuhaus, a mother to two sons is passionate about living an organic life that sparkles with style. Her passion is to inspire her community in the areas of motherhood, fashion and organic living.