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Do you want to sendhim crazy inbedandadd some spice toyoursexuallifeby having somesex?You have your chance.All youneedto do ismasterthese hottest sex positions thatmen adore.To make sure that their lady loveishappy and satisfiedwith sex, guysspend a lot ofsleeping on the bed.It is now your turntoreturn the favor.Perform a reverse role andmake your man all turnedon.Here are the most sought-aftersexual roles that men adore as sexisa majoraspect of our lives.These aren’t the boring,monotonous missionary roles.Learn more aboutthe details!

1.Top Woman

This is theone. man loves it It allows you to be ontop of the heap and lead. men love this position Men are enthralledwhenwomen arethe boss and dominatesthesexual scene.You’ll be jealousof the womanwho is in charge.Youare able to setthe paceto suityourrequirements, whether it is sloworfast.Keephimwondering.

2.The reversecowgirl position

best position for couples  thatmen enjoyis the reverse cowgirlpose.In thisone, the woman is onthe top of her head and sheis facingthemale.The scene doesn’t featureanyeye contact, or even a lotof touching but the stroking will beenough tomake your mancompletely enthralled.You are still able toengage in eye contact if youwant, but you canalso just lookat yourpartnerandgive him a little spice.

3.The standing position

After a fewtrials after a few tries, it is possible to achieve.Standing is the position wherethe twoof youare sitting andthe manenters youfrom behind.It is possible toget the most outof your kitchenspace andtake this approach.Simply bend forward and secureonto the kitchen’s counter ashe enters your body.


This isoneposition thatallows lotsof bodytouch andit is a very closeposition.You will need to layin a side-by-side position with the male.Your back willfacetheman , and hecan hold you tight.You can also rotateyour backtothemale sothathe will be able to observeyou as you sexually assault him.

5.Lap Dance

It’shard to find anyonewhodoesn’t like sex indifferent locations.Get a wooden chair,andlie on top ofyourpartner while he’ssitting onthe chair.Youcan eitherlook him in the face or not,however, thiscan make your ladybe weak in theknees.You’ll be thrilledtolie on him and remaintotally incontrol.The other benefit ofthissituation is that you get toobserve your partnerand kiss himeverywhere.