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Asan sex therapist I’ve hadprivilege of meetinghundreds of thousands of malestodiscusstheir sexualexperiences, sexual lives,anddreams.Though I don’t share theexperiences of being a man as a therapist, I’ve been privytolisten to the male’s perspectiveon sexual relations.While everymale is unique in his own way, therearesome common themes:

1.Sex starts in the body.

Although women may be compelledto sexually engage due to their thoughts, memory or theemotional connection thatmendesire, sex can bea physical desire.Huge quantitiesof testosteronecan be found in men’sbodies.They are able to triggersexualexpression.Men in their teens are at risk ofsexual erections upon the slightest hint.If a man is an adult one reacts to theglimpse of his partner,orspousenaked in the shower.It is difficult to overestimatethe impact of his body’s chemistry onthe mind’s reaction tothe sexual.

2.For men, sex can beone of the ways to satisfy your cravings.

sex for couples tobefull.However,his urge forsexual stimulation is similar toan urge to eat chocolates:Each sexual episode holdsthepossibilityof adelectable surprisepossibly creamy smoothor buttery rich, perhapsan ounce ofraw and bittersweet or silky sweet.His mind is attractedby thethought of having anoccasion to be delightedand delighted.The day can’t be completewithout dessert.However, the circumstancesof the relationship –such as fightingwith his wifecan still ruintheappetite.

3.Sexuality isan energy source.

Sexualityadds a sense of excitement to men’sintimate relationships withexcitement and potential.Thehormonalenergy provides him withtheenergyandangertolive hismission and goals, as well as totake on his partner.Hefights the daily monotony being lured by the promiseofa sexual rewardat night.

4.Sex is an exciting thing.

It’sthe most thrilling adventureof your life.His body is a greatenjoyment machine that he’d liketouse at full-speed.Orgasm isusually reliableand why men loves romantic sex?  the variety of sexual actions patterns, postures, and rhythms seemto bean excellent waytoincrease his satisfaction.Everysexualpictureorsexual encounteris a great hit formale brain.Even a slighthint of something or someonethat evokes sexual desire makesthe brain’s neurons erupt with excitement.

5.Heshows love through sex.

The moment that his partner getsturned on is oftenthemoment men describe asmostsexually satisfying.Men are often confused whenthey are calledselfishdue to their desireto be sexually connected.In their hearts, there isan expectation for mutual and a sensational bodily pleasure.Heoften fantasizesaboutwaystoimprove the experiencefor her, and begging fordetails about her sexual desires in order tobecome better at being a lover.

6.Love is the most beautiful thing.

Sexual releasecan give menthe feeling of beinghome.After all the hardshipsandchallenges of life Sexual release is a wayformento feelloved and appreciated.While some men may accuseof “onlyseeking sex,” most men wantand feel a much moreemotionally connected than abodyrelease.Theprocess of fallingin lovecreates a deepfeelingaffectionto his spouse.It also boostsfaithandconfidence.Being loved by hiscompanion can be thebest thing that can happen tohisrelationship. romantic sex loved by the person you love.

While many women might wishfor an emotional connection prior toexperiencing a physical bond in men, a sexual relationshipisusually requiredin order to feel safe enough to take onthe possibility of vulnerability.In the end, male sexual desireina relationship is a giftthat is an additional pathtowardaffection.